Simple Strategies to Use in Live Baccarat

Simple Strategies to Use in Live Baccarat

Playing baccarat is fun! The simple, yet entertaining game draws many bettors to place a wager. The emergence of its live version adds the excitement. Nonetheless, learning some Simple Strategies to Use in Live Baccarat will boost the fun because they enable you to win numerous times.

Simple Strategies to Use in Live Baccarat

Simple Strategies to Use in Live Baccarat

Simple Strategies to Use in Live Baccarat

Before we discuss the strategy, you must note that the only difference between the usual and the live version of baccarat is that the live one uses a real table and dealer. Other than that, everything is the same. Thus, the strategies that you often use in the ordinary online version can still work flawlessly.

Know Each Bet’s Probabilities of Winning

In live baccarat, we can still find the three main bets. They are the banker hand, the player hand, and the tie. Each of them has its own probabilities of winning which are affected by the set rules.

Based on said rules, the banker bet has the highest probability of winning, which is 45.86%. This rate is closely followed by the player hand of which likelihood of winning reaches 44.62%. Compared to the previous bets, the tie bet is very rare. Its percentage of winning only reaches 9.52%.

Know the House Edges.

We have known the probability of winning. Yet, you should also understand the house edges of the bets. The house edge is the advantage that the house has over the player. Hence, the smaller it is, the better it is for players.

The banker hand has the smallest house edge in this game. Having a 1.06% of house edge, the banker hand seems slightly better than the player hand possessing a 1.24% of house edge. Yet, winning on the banker hand means that you will be charged a 5% of commission rate. The tie bet which has a house edge of 14.44% should be avoided along with the pair bet having an 11.25% of house edge.

Choose the Banker Hand

If we ignore the tie bet’s percentage of winning, the banker hand’s probabilities of winning rise to about 51%.Hence, if you are unsure about which bet you should place, you can choose the banker hand. However, this advice should not be strictly implemented on the game. Clever gamblers are flexible.

Count the Cards or Keep the Score?

Frankly speaking, keeping score and looking for trends is stupid. This method has only little effect on the odds since baccarat is a game of chance. Counting card is a more profitable strategy. Fortunately, you can use them in live baccarat because the cards are not reshuffled after each hand.

Card counting is very easy. Count one if you see the ace, two or three which is dealt from the shoe. For every four, count two. When a five, seven, or eight is dealt, count minus one. When a six appears, count minus two. For each nine, ten, Jack, Queen, and King, count zero. Once you hit count 16, it is better to place a bet on the player. If it is still lower than 16, the banker hand is more likely to win.

Knowing these simple strategies to use in live baccarat is certainly not enough. You have to learn and understand them thoroughly so that you can utilize them without making any mistake. These strategies do not guarantee a 100% chance of winning, but you can surely benefit from them.

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