Sic Bo Techniques You Need to Know to Win Lots of Money

Sic Bo Techniques You Need to Know to Win Lots of Money

In the past, Sic Bo is prestigious game which only played by Chinese Royal family. But now, this game is played by everyone and easily found all over the world. Since this game gains its popularity in Asia, sooner or later, this game become one of the most popular casino game in the world. Here are the Sic Bo Techniques You need to Know to Win Lots of Money and able to increase your bankroll.

Sic Bo Techniques You Need to Know to Win Lots of Money

Sic Bo Techniques You Need to Know to Win Lots of Money

Sic Bo Techniques You Need to Know to Win Lots of Money

Get to Know What Sic Bo Is

Sic Bo is a dice game that is called as Tsai Sai and Dai Siu. Even though “Bo” refers to ‘pair’, but Sic Bo uses three dices in the game. This game is very popular in Macau, China, and East Asia. Luckily, some online casinos have developed and offered on live version. Sooner or later, this game gains its popularity among land-based casino or online casino.

The game is quite simple. You place bet on the outcome number form the dice. If you bet shows the same outcome number, you get win. In simple word, your win is determined by the outcome number of the dice.

Choose the Reputable Casino

This is the basic technique to get win in Sic Bo. Reputable casinos give a good security system which maintain your privacy on activities and credit or debit card information. Nobody want their important information is misused.

One of the indications of reputable casino is that the casino has legal license from government or official institution. The reason is simple because legal casino offers many advantage. Beside the security system, reputable casinos guarantee the fair game. They will not deceive the players with extra illogical rules. So, make sure that you play in the right online casino.

Bet on Small and Big

It is good to place bet on Small and Big. You only predict the total outcome number of the dice. If it is 4 to 10, it is considered as small bet but if it is 11 to 17, it is considered as big bet. Bookmaker will pay 1:1 and the house edge is 2.76 percent from your winning bet. It is a good option for those who are going to play in safe step.

Determine the Objective and Limit

Whatever your reason to play in Sic Bo is, determining your limit in the game is important. Moreover, the gambler who plays Sic Bo for the first time needs limitation to control their game. For example, you set 50 US Dollar for your limit loss. So if you lose 50 Dollar from the game, it is good to leave the table before you lose your money.

Nobody can get money from the first time he play Sic Bo. We suggest bettors, who play Sic Bo for the first time, to look for experience as the first goal. So enjoy your time as beginner.

Sic Bo is a good casino game to get big amout of cash. Hopefully, the Sic bo techniques you need to know to win lots of money above give you new references to play Sic Bo.

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