Some Methods to Beat the Dragon Tiger Game

Some Methods to Beat the Dragon Tiger Game

The Dragon Tiger is a gambling game coming from Cambodia. This game uses cards, just like Baccarat. Bettor should guess which hand will win the game. Here are Some Methods to Beat the Dragon Tiger Game, easy methods be to apply on easy game so you will win easily.

Some Methods to Beat the Dragon Tiger Game

Some Methods to Beat the Dragon Tiger Game

Some Methods to Beat the Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger Rules

Before playing on any game, bettor should know the rules on this game. This is the first method to beat the game. Some bettors that are already familiar with Baccarat will find that Dragon Tiger is almost the same. But still, there are many differences on the game. In Baccarat, the name of each hand is called Player and Banker. In Dragon Tiger, each hand is called Dragon and Tiger.

Other differences are on the dealt system. In Baccarat they use two main cards and additional cards to find the winning hands. But, instead using four cards, Dragon Tiger only use two cards. Each hand will get one card, and one with higher value is the winner.

On the betting system, the main bets are to choose on Dragon or Tiger hands. On the side bets, bettor can choose bets on tie, big or small number, and also bet on which type of suits on the cards. Bettor cannot make bet on both the Dragon and Tiger, but bettor can put bets on each side bets.

Count the Cards

Dragon Tiger uses regular card without the jokers. Once the game started, the dealer will use about 7 to 10 decks of cards. After about 4 decks are used, dealer will start shuffle the rest of the cards. Bettor can count the cards by paying attention on each round.

Counting cards that have been dealt can help player to guess which cards that will show up next. While counting cards, try to remember the kinds of the cards, either it’s small or big cards, or by the suits of the cards, was it loves, clubs, diamonds, or clovers.

Place Bets on Side bets

There are some ways to increase the winning chances. One of them is to put many bets on the side bets. Side bets as mentioned before such as small or big bets. Players can guess if the cards that will appear is either bigger that seven or lower than seven. Just to keep in mind, it there’s any seven card appears, bettor will lose instantly.

Know the Payment

Players should know that any bets on Dragon Tiger have different payment. For the main bet, which is the bets on tiger or dragon hands, player will able to get 1:1 payment. For the tie bets, player will get 1:8 payments. It means eight times the stakes. On small or big number, player will get 1:1. Meanwhile for the suits, player will get 3:1 payment.

Playing without knowing the game system may be not the best way to play. Because, in playing any games, player should know the rules and the system. Dragon Tiger has its own rules and betting system that player should know. So, above are some methods to beat the dragon tiger game you should apply. Try and enjoy the games more.

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