Best Methods That You Must Know in Blackjack

Best Methods That You Must Know in Blackjack

For more than a century, gamblers have been attempting to create and develop the flawless method. You can find numerous tactics and betting systems that are claimed to be perfect. Some of them can be relied upon on a short-term, but the others are rubbish. Yet, this is the Best Methods That You Must Know in Blackjack!

Best Methods That You Must Know in Blackjack

Best Methods That You Must Know in Blackjack

Best Methods That You Must Know in Blackjack

Winning in the Long Run?

Do you want to win in the long run or in the short one? You must answer this question before we continue. Unfortunately, if you wish to win in the long run, there is nothing you can do to beat the online casinos, except count the cards. Card counting is the only way to cut down the house edge along with mastering blackjack’s strategies.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to implement this method in the ordinary blackjack online. The decks would be reshuffled after each hand which makes the penetration very shallow. Therefore, you cannot make an accurate prediction using card counting.

You can use this tactic in the live version of the game though. The penetration is quite deep as a result of the casinos’ policy to reshuffle the decks in the shoe after at least three-quarters of the cards have been dealt. However, you must be very careful. Card counting is illegal because the online casinos know how effective this tactic is. If the dealer notices that you are a card counter, you will be thrown out of the game.

Winning in the Short Run?

There is one way which allows you to win in the short run. This method requires you to utilize a betting system throughout the gambling session. There are various betting systems, you can find the fixed and the progressive ones. The progressive betting systems have two main streams, the positive and the negative.

The positive progressive betting systems players must raise the next bets size after wins. These systems are quite safe since a long cold streak would not completely wipe your capital out as long as you know when to quit. On the other hand, the negative progressive betting systems offer huge profits by raising players’ bets size after losing. This method can backfire disastrously if a losing run occurs.

Oscar’s betting systems try to compromise both streams. This system is invented by a dice player named Oscar and was tested by Dr. Allan N. Wilson. The betting system aims to win only one unit before the player starts a new series.

Every series is started by placing a one-unit wager. After winning, the next bet size is one unit more than the previous one. After a loss, the next bet size is the same as the previous bet. You can experience a long cold run without going broke and a short winning streak can gain the losses back.

The best method that you must know in blackjack depends on the player’s aim. If one’s objective is to gain steady profits in the long run, one has to learn card counting and find a way to implement the skill. In contrast, if one aims to get a significant profit in the short time, he may use Oscar’s betting system.

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