Basic Procedure Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Game

Basic Procedure Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Game

The dragon tiger game is very similar to baccarat. It was invented in Cambodia and soon after that the popularity has been spreading on all around the world very quickly. Some casinos have even developed its live version. Knowing the Basic Procedure Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Game helps you win much!

Basic Procedure Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Game

Basic Procedure Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Game

Basic Procedure Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Game

The best thing about the live version of the dragon tiger game is that the game’s rules are completely the same. If you have been familiar with the game, you can use your usual tactics. Yet, if you have not, trust us that you won’t need much time to learn the basics strategies. You must note whether the game uses six or eight decks of standard card.

Choose the Best Casino

Players must choose only the safe and reputable online casinos to play the live dragon tiger game. Some gambling sites scam their visitors. They will not give the payouts to players. Therefore, you must make sure that the online casino you choose is truly licensed and regulated. In addition to that, the most trusted casinos provide bettors with various options regarding their capital.

Place a Wager on the Most Profitable Option

The dragon tiger game provides gamblers with several bets. They are the dragon hand, tiger hand, tie, big, small, suit, and suited tie. It may seem confusing. However, there is actually a clear answer to your confusion.

Placing a bet on the dragon or tiger hand yields the best outcome. The bets give a one to one payout to players. Their house edges of 3.73% are the smallest ones among other bets. However, if a tie occurs, players will lose half of their bet size. Such policy is applied to even out players’ advantage from these bets.

At all cost, players must never be tempted to place a wager on the tie bet. The reason is that although the bet provides bettors with an eight to one payout, its house edge is very high. It even reaches 32.77%. Therefore, the tie bet is simply not worth it.

How about the side bets? Well, you are allowed to place them occasionally, but they would not produce good profits in the long run. Frankly speaking, their house edges range from 7.69% up to 13.98%. Thus even if their payouts are higher than the payout of the dragon or tiger hand, the probability of getting them are quite small.

Keep Track of the Decks

There is another way to boost your profits. Placing a suit bet will reward players with a three to one payout. However, since its probability is quite small, you must keep track of every suit that has been dealt. This method can only be implemented in live dragon tiger game since the cards are reshuffled after about a half of them has been dealt. It can be three decks or four decks.

Applying the basic procedure live dealer dragon tiger game is important to get the maximum profit. Although the game is easy, making some mistakes such as placing a wager on the bets having bad house edges will result in terrible losses. Be a shrewd dragon tiger player and you will definitely triumph.

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