Basic information before playing Sic Bo Online

Basic information before playing Sic Bo Online

There are limited factors that can help you win in playing Sic Bo. They are lucky factor and good sense on betting. This game using three dices, which means there are a lot of possibilities on which numbers the dices will roll out. So, here are the Basic information before playing Sic Bo Online for you to be able to get more chances of winnings and increase your bankroll.

Basic information before playing Sic Bo Online

Basic information before playing Sic Bo Online

Basic information before playing Sic Bo Online

Know the Betting Board

Playing Sic Bo online has a betting board like Roulette, but of course it is difference. However the board is complex, but playing on it is very simple. Players can put any bet on top of the board. All bettor has to do are to guess and to put the bet. But before taking any risk, know what are on the board is a must.

Bettor will see there is a line of number from 4 to 17. It’s a total betting. Bettor can make a bet on the total of the three dices. Each bet will have its own payout. For example, if bettor bets on 4, and it turns out that the total of three dices is 4, the bettor will get 1:62 payment. For the total of 10, bettor will get 1:6. It all depends on the chances each total will appear.

There also Small and Big bets. These bets are on the left and right top corners on the board. Small is for the total for 4 to 10, and big is for total 11 to 17. Next is the combination section. This bet is under the total bet. Bettor can put bets on any combinations of the dices that may appear, i.e. combination of 3 and 6, which will win if the combination of the three dices.

Easiest bets are on the single bet. Bettor can put a bet on a number that seems to appear. If the number appears one, bettor will get 1:1 payment, 1:2 payment if the number chosen appears twice, and 1:3 if on the three dices.

Last ones are double and triple bets. Bettor can make bets on any specific number that will appear double or triple, or just guess that there will be a double or triple on any number. After learning the board, bettor should know which betting strategy that suit them best next.

Betting Strategies

Playing Sic Bo can be fun if you can stay longer and win more often. Bettor can play longer as long as he still has the money. Playing on low risk bets is the best for player who has limited money but want to enjoy the game. Low risk bets are the bets that have almost 50 % chance to win, such as the single bets, big, and small bets.

Bettor can also apply a betting system called martingale. It’s a system made to anticipate losing money. When losing, you can apply this system to get back the losing money. It works by doubling your money when you are losing the game. You will get your money back once you are winning.

Sic Bo is another game that depends on your luck. Playing with strategy that can prevent losing is the best way to do. Now that you know the Basic information before playing Sic Bo Online, you are more than ready to try the game.

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